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dental service

  1. Preventative
  2. Fixed Prosthodontics  
  3. Removable Prosthodontics  
  4. Restorative  
  5. Endodontics  
  6. Periodontics  
  7. Oral Surgery  
  8. Pediatrics  
  9. Cosmetic Dentistry  
  10. Tooth Whitening  
  11. Emergencies  


3-month and 6-month cleanings and check ups, mouth guards,night guards

Porcelain crowns, gold crowns, implant crowns, bridges

Partial dentures, complete dentures, relines, same
day denture repair

Fillings, prefabricated/cast posts and cores, Inlays and Onlays

Root canals of anterior and posterior teeth, retreatment of
previously completed root canals

Scaling and root planing, crown lengthening, gingivectomy

Tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth

Cleanings, fillings, pulpotomy, pulpectomy, frenectomy, fluoride

We offer consultations directed to any of your cosmetic dentistry concerns.

We offer custom whitening trays.

We welcome any emergency and will strive to provide prompt and ideal relief.

 List may not include all available services.

We also work with highly qualified specialists, to whom we refer any procedure we feel is out of the scope of our practice and expertise.